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11 Sep 2019 06:20
Starting at reboot, knights can earn a "grace period" in which their valor is
no longer called into question when they kill small monsters. This "grace
period" is four weeks.

You earn a "grace period" by taking a powerful monster prisoner, which is
measured by any of the following three ways:
A) The monster is significantly higher level than your best capture, or
B) The monster is significantly more XP than your best capture, or
C) The monster is a tough fight, based on your total level, even if it's not a
new record.

You will be given a ***Message*** when you meet any of these three criteria.
For the next four weeks, you should not see any "for shame" messages, nor
should you lose valor, for any low-level kills during that time.

Shinarae "you'll never take me alive" Lluminus

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