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11 Oct 2018 15:13
I rarely write to news anymore but this atrocity of tune just sparked my
interest for single post and because its flames group lets try to have that

This was a bad tune with horrible and shallow application. What it succeeds on
doing is creating negative feelings when it only punishes the player for
surprises or bad RNG. It also surely slashes on the lower end of the
powercurve where higher end with better gear, better capability for prots and
buffs and yes, more boons with resists+regen+hpmax will not have such a big

It won't in any way 'deepen' the experience in any way and the actual way it
is applied is such a shitty number-approach that it hasn't got any nice
"tricks" that would make it any way more interresting or appealling.

I can't imagine how naive and childish one can be when you change so that
surprises and crits have +20-50% more damage and then claim "player shouldn't
experience much added on damage" (your own words).

If this was really sparking from "Yours Truly" one can see that your game
experience was ~100% limited to idling as crimso-archer and raping
cannonfodder mobs with high powerlevel dudes, the most shallow experience game
has to offer.

If this really continues to be your level of commitment to content, please
stick to Infestation and Arena like sandboxes where at least this level of
quality on practical level combined with lack of ability to take feedback on
radical changes only means that no one plays your content in the end of the
day. Now you are just ruining stuff for quite many when we can't decide to not

I personally don't have much positive things to say about this in any way I'm
trying to give it a chance. It is a horrible horrible game design approach.

With this kind of fuck-you in place I'll award any one leading Moonrind
without cherrypicked origo members 20m mithril on succeeded kill. I have no
interest in eqleading in next few weeks at least.


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11 Oct 2018 15:13
I agree with Zerks, another stupid tune just to piss off players. There are
many necessery changes that haven't been touch for years or are delayed because
they require more time/effort to finish them like psi/civ fighter/civ mages
etc. I didn't bleed for over 20 years and don't wanna bleed now, we have aelena
to keep bleeds if you want monsters to use bleeds on players let them have
aelena skills. Instead of thinking how to fuck up ppl maybe should think what
to change to make game more interesting.

But.. if you want more brainless tunes here are few more ideas:
1) you break leg in combat and cant move
2) you break hand in combat and drop wielded weapon
3) wearing/removing eq take 5min if you are female then 10min.
4) you need 2nd person to help you wear battlesuit.. takes 30min
5) You must sleep during bat night if you are vampire you rest during day
6) If you don't rest during night next day you get -20% hps/sps every night you
don't rest, when you hit 100% you get force reinc
7) if you reinc into ent your startloc is random location in forest and cant
change it
8) ents can move only one room per round
9) remove rais dead/ress/new body from tarm guild - only gods have power to
bring you back to life

btw. where is rudraprayag? could bring this area back to game instead of shit

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