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BatMUD Forums > Mudcon.campcon > Urgent: Official BatMUD swag @ Campcon 2019

08 Apr 2019 18:52
Dear fellow Campconners (is that a word?!),

Balanced Alternative Techniques Ry is deploying a squad of its
most witty, most charming, most excellent Archwizards for your
enjoyment - straight from Finland!

We have seen many Western movies and know it is customary to
bring gifts for natives (Elizabeth Warren confirms). To prove
our good intentions, we shall thus present you with Official
BatMUD swag! No catch, just terrible jokes!

Alas, supplies are limited (read: we haven't ordered stuff yet)
and we need to know what sizes to bring. Therefor, please see

* * * *

and submit your order no later than Friday April 12th. And yes,
you need to be @ CampCon to get these goodies. There may or
may not be a prerequisite to participate in bardic (or another
task of our discretion) before getting the swag. Nothing too
crazy, we promise!

Sincerely, the 2019 Archwizardly Campcon Expedition Party

A r c h w i z a r d
18y, 334d, 5h, 58m, 11s old
600 [Wizard]