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BatMUD Forums > Batclient > Re: Bat client is bugged no matter the computer

15 Dec 2019 08:23
so i tried a lot of things to try and fix this issue. the client loads up and
lets me long into the game. but no matter what computer i install it on even
while disabling cload deleting all the old batfile in user.
The issue still remains. when i try to use the client it just keeps posting the
last command i made over and over in team chat and wont let me use any commands
accept for the Command [command]
and if i try and use a macro it just auto posts the macros code to team chat.
this happens no matter what computer i install it to.

11d, 19h, 55m, 8s old
24 Dec 2019 10:47
have you considered turning ALL your triggers and scripts off

14d, 14h, 43m, 15s old