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23 Feb 2021 22:59
Animist Soul Power -
Thoughts on adjusting the power system of the Animist souls to be rep based on
the # of totem challenges completed by animal type. (You would still be
restricted based on your Mount experience levels reached: Even if you killed
Griffons to warrant the Divine, power you have Goat Mount experience level,
you'd still get a poor Griffon summoned.)

Examples: 500 Fox totem challenges completed and any fox soul would be
25 Unicorn totem challenges completed would net you a poor quality from any

The idea behind this is to make the endless totem challenges count for more
over time. Running around noting todays spawn points for animals I need for
party aspects that are a single use per cast. Checking back on those spawn
points throughout the day is a horrible time sink. Not because I have to go
back, but because the respawn may still be worthless to challenge. You have to
kill it again either way to try to spawn a useful spirit. Why shouldn't the
challenge count towards a total where the power level of that specific type of

The difficulty of the animal could reward different rep amounts.

I really enjoy this guild.
I do not enjoy farming around without any real gain, even if its slow gain,
for the specific quaility of soul, just so I can do my prots in a party.

Knowing that all the totem challenges even against weaker souls are making a
difference and eventually leading to spending less time farming for the ideal
soul would be amazing.

Anyway, just my thoughts on it.

Thanks much

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