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06 Apr 2021 01:20
Balanced Alternative Techniques ry ("B.A.T. ry") is immensely proud to release
v1.101 of it's game client on Steam. As always, all players using the
Steam-version will get this new and enhanced update automatically.

Login screen now allows multiple logins and destinations through a dropdown
A fix to screen tearing was implemented in relation to how Action Button
titles are displayed
Steam-client related screen draw issues may now have been fixed
A bug resulting in 0 byte sized configuration file(s) preventing game client
from starting was fixed
Default 'viewport' sizes for Health bar and Party window now include the
ability to make them larger
Game can now push CSS/HTML5-content into a customizable in-game window (only
yet in Windows-version)
Menu item names behind e.g. ESC received some finetuning in effort to make
them more understandable
Menu can now be opened also by issuing /menu as a command
ALT-T is now a hotkey for opening the Trigger Manager window in fresh
Trigger Manager can now be opened also with /triggermanager
Game client will no longer spam on "printing prompt" on the debug console
ALT-W is now /BattleWindow and ALT-B /commandline moveCursorOneWordBackward in
fresh installations
Command /stopmusic typo in code preventing its usage fixed
All /-commands now allow being typed also fully in lowercase, e.g.
/PartyTarget and /partytarget
Added missing commands to /help and made it cleaner overall
Other 'under the hood-fixes' which may or may not help in improving game
client performance

On behalf of us devs,
Amarth Shadowstring

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