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09 Nov 2021 17:47
Thanks to Tuni for bringing this up: there were a few outworld animals whose
diet was not set, making (for example) snakes prefer apples to squirming mice.
I've gone through and found what seemed to be the issues and updated the
animals to match their RL counterparts.
-- whales/dophins, ferrets/badgers, mantis, snakes, and seals should now be
carnivores and as a result eat fishing skill results too.
-- basilisks and scorpions are now omnivores. Basilisks just because that
seems like something they'd do, but RL scorpions are carnivores. I made them
omnivores because it's a relatively common mount, and as such, I didn't want
any beastmasters with baskets of apples suddenly facing a starving, angry,
lethally venomous creature in their own pcity.
-- and hippos remain herbivores, but they can now also eat small, white
channeler orbs.

The default diet for any mount is "herbivore" and of course there's always
mount feed, so you should never find yourself with a mount you cannot feed at
all. But, if your mount's diet is nonsense to the point of "I want this to
change" I would recommend you bring it to my attention personally.

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