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01 Dec 2021 17:11
The Calendar of the Triad of Darkness now also allows for Gambit trial during
Seventh Flame (14th of Rozgayn). It was always intended that gambit trial is
available during all the Flame days except the Last Flame. Unfortunately this
got erased from the calendar during the introduction of Scarlet Nights.
Another modification involves farseers (at the swamp). As you may know,
farseers are able to evaluate toads and also provide some additional
information that you can view with 'appoint' command at your throne, if you
have a farseer. Farseer information when reviewing toads was slightly
different from the throne's information and this has been fixed. Also,
farseers now also name the toads that they review, making handling of toads a
little bit more convenient.

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