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17 May 2022 02:01
Hello there!

I have been a archer for some time now and have pretty good understanding how
the guilds and what kinda problematic walls we are against. The guild in
general is fun one with alot things to do and keep you working on to improve
yourself. Our synergy with other nomad based guilds is moreless hit and miss,
but I like it currently.

Lets start with the obvious aka problems.

* We have several major issues/walls that renders our damage potential to be
highly limited
- Even with 100%+ skill Hop Back sometimes hop back doesnt work
- 100%+ Bypass armour doesnt work on some mobs and we make absolutely 0 damage
- Monsters with shield can block out maxed out Archery Driller boon not totally
but enough

And when you add those 3 together we arent as effetive as we could be.

* Itemization is a problem, meaning we have to have few items
- There is currently one bow that makes our damage potential increase to good
levels and even that is bound to task based crit change
- We are almost forced to have weenite boots and other EP regen items to be
able to keep our damage ongoing since we use alot EP's

* After talking with experienced archers I have heard things that we have kinda
harsh caps on our shots max damage and some issues with Beastmasters synergy. I
cant recall it completely but soemtimes on the lines of riding a mount doesnt
give extra damage or so.

*** well thats alot of negatives (and more to come I think) so lets do the good

Good things about archers

* Our tanking skills are nice and synergy with Crimsons/Kharims feels nice
* We have all the damage types =) and can make our arrows to certain degree
* And our shots land to exp mobs even when you dont have 100% skills

*** there is propably more, these are main factors to me

And the rest part will include suggestion and mostly me talking so on ...

* I would love to see some kinda max level / leader bonuses on archers too like
many other guilds have
- Like having a better quiver that can take more arrows / packs of ammo

* If barso archers where so menace to the world then tune them as archers not
the whole guild... pretty please

* I couldnt mind to have some co-op work with non nomad based guilds since
there are pretty fun combos out there that wouldnt break the game... Aelena
comes into my mind as first.

So after all, we have way too many hard caps, stop gaps, based on change and
out right denials at the moment to make anywhere near decent. Reading archers
say last 100 gives an idea how off we are at the moment and how harsly we have
been tuned down.

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