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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.triad > Update to mandates (& womandates, #equality #sad)

30 Jan 2022 17:07
There's been a lot of talk about the mandates that the toads give and in the
last six months certain adjustments have been made to make swamp building less
painful. While there are times when things are not supposed to easily fall
into your lap, there are certain cases in which players find themselves stuck.
In certain cases people have been stuck with insane toads, who lack any
loyalty and compassion or there's one toad that dominates over others. A kind
of fix for this was to introduce the guild halls, but even accessing that has
been tricky at times. So, here's another kind of adjustment to alleviate the
problem. From now on, if you have fewer notions researched, your toad provides
you a loyalty bonus, which may help you get a mandate to research a notion.
Also now, the mandate time will be affected by the amount of researched
notions. This means that if you have fewer notions, then the maximum mandate
time will be shorter than it has currently been. These changes should at least
help newer novices get started faster. I will be monitoring the situation in
the future and will take action if I deem necessary. This change will be
effective from next reboot, and if bugs arise, they will be fixed eventually.

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