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21 Aug 2022 10:27
Hi folks!

Minecrafting is being updated a bit, and this is the first of two patches,
second to follow in a later date when it's ready and tested.

This update has the following changes (please read down for further details):

- You can now change the difficulty of an abandoned mine.
- You can now create a lift in your mineshaft to the breach and back.
- Fireflies tuned.
- A bag of angry gophers appears!

1. The difficulty of an abandoned mine can now be altered by the player
to some extent. At the minimum size of 35 rooms, it will be the least
challenging, and goes incrementally up from there until you reach your
skill limit. You can check the current difficulty of the mine with
'tunnel evaluate'. The scale from easiest to hardest is subject
to change if deemed necessary.

2. If you have a mine that reaches the breach and there are other
obstructions, you can use minecrafting at 'build lift' to assemble
a makeshift basket that can be used to travel to the breach and back
and continue digging other mineshafts elsewhere as usual.
Any subsequent mine will not punch a hole to the breach for the rest
of the boot. The lift where you left it is your only path.
It's also free for anyone else to use.

3. Fireflies tuned to make their assistance in your mining more
transparent. Fireflies obtained before this change are updated.

4. Sniffles has started to train Gophers! They are honed and tuned
to dig a mine without you lifting a finger. However the caveat
is that they also steal the loot and you're left with a
dirty spaghetti of a mineshaft. All there is to do is to just
abandon it...

There will be another update in the near future that adds another
activity for you to procrastinate in. Stay tuned(tm).


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