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09 Nov 2022 23:29
As there might have been some confusion about the syntaxes of the spell
'control marsh' and the used definitions (such as the word radius), a new
setting called 'safe_abandon' has been introduced. When safe abandon option is
turned on, you may only use the radius of 1, which means you can only abandon
the current room you're standing in, otherwise you will be explained what the
radius means and will be asked to turn it off, if you wish to abandon by using
a bigger radius. Hopefully this is an option that you can use to save yourself
from heartache of accidentally abandoning more rooms than you were supposed
to. Of course, when abandoning, you should always pay extra attention to where
you're standing and what exactly you're doing. By default, this option is
turned on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The safe_abandon option will only be in effect from NEXT
REBOOT, so definitely do not go test this feature or its error messages in
this reboot. Probably better not to toy with the option unless you actually
have some swamp abandoning to do in the near future.


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