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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.squire > Nursing egg/bebe mounts

06 Mar 2023 22:31
Improved resistances and increased endurance are very nice features--could
this be expanded to nursing the egg/baby mount to become have: 1. Improved
offensive skills making it a warbeast prodigy? IIRC, there is a flask out
there, 'kata' that improves skills (like how ceremony improves spells) that
could be considered for implemention for this. 2. Another possibility for
desperate times would be to nurse a baby mount with aura of hate so to grows
to be auto-aggressive to all and to be only summoned/heeled at the most
desperate of times to clear the room of troublesome players/assassins. 3.
Heavy weight flask could nurse a bantam weight cub to heavy weight size,
boosting physical strength/carrying capacity etc.

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