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20 Apr 2023 19:01
These are suggestions on QoL changes to the animist guild. Some which have been
brought up before but worth repeating.

Recall animal soul -
Make this spell available everywhere. No restrictions and gate this behind a
guild quest(s) where the first part is that You need to totem challenge one
soul of each spirit up to elephant and kill them solo.
“You are now more in tune with your talisman and you feel a much stronger
link with your spirit” Make an “enjoyable” time sink to avoid
annoyance with another.

Recall from other continent is just a minor inconvenience. We have the totems.
But with above let us fight for the right to have that power with us always.
Not having to feel THAT strength only when we are at a totem on the continents.
The totems still work until one is strong enough to complete the quest and adds
nice flavor to the guild.

Recall to no sum - Perhaps an add on quest on above together with a rep check?
At which point your mount follows you through exits.

The current workaround is that You can of course dismiss / conjure a new one -
The dismissing and conjuring is not fun :). It takes forever. Yes. Forever. To
hunt spirits of higher level. Not only do you need to find them strong enough.
BUT they are also strong enough. Takes time to kill and yields a few summons
before they not worthy anymore. I feel the implementation is wrong that we have
all these rep levels to reach but most of us don’t use them because time
invested to capture these spirits vs usage you get out of them is not worth it.
Certain harder than others but the process of soulspeaking (griffons are
impossible to find worthy btw) to a horde of mobs to finally find one is just
not fun.

In summary. We need to hunt souls for aspects - for party and yourself as well
as for mounts. Mounts more selective than aspects so much more time consuming.
Don’t force us to dismiss and conjure a new one for nosum areas. Save us
that “spirit” power.

Lastly and somewhat derived from what was suggested in post below, simply let
the strength of your totem dictate the strength of the soul received and
instead increase the divine totem price to 100k and let it decrease 20k per
level and let us capture soul with the strength of the totem. Remove soulspeak
and soul strength completely. You still need to find and defeat them which in
itself is a task. Let it have a risk of occasional misfire where you still get
a weaker soul than totem used.

The rules surrounding conjuring and rep level required to summon a divine mount
stays the same. (Ofc you can still get a divine spirit mount from an excellent
soul if you have the rep to support that).

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