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24 Apr 2023 05:49
Progress towards the permanent mudwide upgrade is nearly complete. While I
start coding the upgrade itself, a bit more on the schedule:

1) The event will run through this coming weekend. Decide how many points you
need before the event ends, and make sure you get them.

2)The test forge will return this coming Fri/Sat/Sunday. Following that, with
the event shut down, real prizes will become available. These will be your
last days to figure out what primal materials have which effects, before you
spend your points on something. Two items a day for six days (the first three
and the coming three) is not really enough for one person to find out what
everything does, so collaboration is highly encouraged. If you can't get in on
that, at least try to narrow down the major effects.

Points will not expire, and the forge will not be removed, quickly. Both
should last at least the month of May.

3) At the end of the event, the area will become permanent. The monster lairs
will stop being instanced, will start respawning, will stop dropping
primordial strips, and will likely be places the Feldspar send you for daily
tasks from then on.

Shinarae "secondorial" Lluminus

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