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11 Jun 2023 00:47
Changelog (v1.106):

* Trigger groups! You can now enable/disable multiple triggers at once for
enhanced gameplay (ALT-G)
* Command-line history now saves. When you restart the game client, you have
your command history
* Font selection is now available also for the Map, Party and Buff frames +
Health bar
* Very small enhancements to the look and feel here and there (for more
* Fixed split-screen scrollback buffer viewing issue(s) when new output is
xferred to client
* Corrected the window scrollbar settings which were not saving per your
selected setting
* Fixed News window default viewing size to better suit the larger default
* Resolved issue w/ Mac selected default (monospaced) font not being available
* Skill/spell monitor width was fixed (there's no longer a long transparent
area to its right)
* Setting action buttons should now again work as intended

The v1.106 is already out for Windows as a 64-bit version on Steam. We will
proceed to release it on the other platforms during the next couple of days.


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