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19 Jun 2023 19:42
The Plastic surgery skill now supports removing and viewing player
implants. The syntax for implant installation has also been
changed, it will no longer take whatever implant it finds from the
surgeon's inventory, instead you must specify which implant item
you want to install. Removing implants will destroy them and may
have other ill effects on the player losing the implant.
You have been warned.

Syntaxes (also in the skill help):
As before this will improve a player's Charisma:
use plastic surgery at <player>

New implant related syntaxes:

use plastic surgery at <player> install implant <implant>
use plastic surgery at <player> view implants
use plastic surgery at <player> remove implant <implant>

Removing an implant will ask for a confirmation from the target
player similar to how baptize works. Once again removing an implant
will destroy it.

Send bugs/issues to Pisano of course.

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