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21 Aug 2023 19:26
You may now exchange your deck collections in the Arelium Roulette room for
the mini-event's prizes. Once you trade them in, the prize becomes locked to
you, so this is your last chance to trade any remaining decks and cards
between each other.

Short version, the blue decks can restore damaged luck, the green decks summon
a cat mount/mule, and the gold card becomes your choice of weapon/shield/held
that randomly raises various stats. The more complete your deck, the stronger
the reward, but this was a mini-event and they aren't supposed to be
earth-shattering. Worst-case scenario, think of them as tropies.

If asked by enough players, I might also make a minor reward for leftover
cards, which have no value if not part of a deck.

I hope you all enjoyed the Vegas pre-con 2023 mini event, and of course, for
those players who actually attended, I hope you had a blast!

Shinarae "always split aces and eights" Lluminus

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