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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.triad > Changes to doctrine abandoning

26 Sep 2023 11:28
If you're familiar with doctrines, you may have also learned that it is
possible to abandon doctrines by having a hearty discussion with Lucas
at the guild. Here's some background. When I created the feature to abandon
doctrines, my idea was that once a doctrine is abandoned you will lose the
benefits of it, but the experience is returned to you in reincarnation.

So, someone discovered a side-effect. If you abandon a doctrine, but re-learn
it, even by investing 1 exp, all the experience previously invested in this
doctrine is counted towards learning the doctrine. So if you had previously
spent 50m on it, now it would be 50m and 1 exp. This wasn't what I had in

That being said, I'm completely okay with the discovered side-effect. Of
course, this now leads us to a situation where abandoning and re-learning
doctrines at all times is completely possible with elaborate command/trigger
use. Study of doctrines is limited and this would be a workaround around that.

Therefore, the discovered side-effect stays, but abandoning of doctrines will
be limited. Each time you abandon a doctrine, it will be counted as a held
sermon and additionally any extra sermons that you've earned learning
doctrines will be lost in the process. If you don't have access to sermons
in the first place, you can still get around this by applying to the position
of pastor. Just remember to set position focus to 5 for it to at least have
the minimum effect.

Same information can be found in the updated helpfile, accessible with your
diary at Lucas's location.


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