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05 Dec 2023 14:16
A few of you may have been wondering over the course of the last week/week and
a half or so, why Atlas haven't been online. I know quite a few of you who are
regularly in touch with him and might be wondering why he hasn't been online.

The reality is that he's missing since over a week now. He's been missing since
Tuesday of last week, and he was last spotted in the southwest of Florida where
he was down on business. The law enforcement have been notified and have been
working the case night and day to try and help his wife and family locate him,
but so far without success.

This is probably the most bizarre news-post I have ever written, and I'm not
really sure what good will come out of writing it. Maybe there's an off chance
that someone has connections in Florida and can help out, but I figured a few
of you are close enough with him to at least deserve to know.


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15 Dec 2023 23:14
Thanks for sharing this terrible news Merioli. I am shocked to read this! I
really hope there will be a good ending to this.

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