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01 Dec 2023 18:52

in spirit of transparency, Santas Little Elves have asked me to relay the
following information to all the nice and (mostly) naughty players of BatMUD.

Patience is a virtue. The closer to christmas you have the patience to store
your presents before opening, the more likely you are to get something you
need. But please note - it's unlikely to get many 'good' presents no matter
what you do. Oh, yeah, one more thing - Christmas Eve (the 24th, in the only
real timezone (Finland)) is rumoured to have some special magic to it.

Rgds, Ulath
PS. Nothing prevents you from opening your present as soon as your get your
crubby little hands on it - and there's nothing that prevents you form getting
a 'good' item if you, either.

A r c h w i z a r d
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