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12 Feb 2024 20:24
This Valentine's day event made me aware of candlestick making, and
it got me thinking. We have a candlestick maker as a trainer, that
being Rutherford (who teaches Light). It would be nice if he
could teach us his actual craft, too. This would let us supply
nuns who didn't want to make them (kind of like how we do for
archers with ammo and mount gear for beastmasters) and also ease
things for events... it was a little hard to find a nun willing
to provide them, and the ones that did, wouldn't supply mats,
I had to provide them myself.

It could be that only nuns understand the finer points of
this, so maybe we could get somewhere between 50 and 75?
Like how we get 75 alloying instead of 100? Or so?

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