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BatMUD Forums > Updates > Valentine's day and sister Valentina

14 Feb 2024 23:16
As some of you already know, sister Valentina "has" special loot on
Valentine's day. Why the quotations, you may ask. The thing is, Juggelo
handled those items by hand, or if there is some mystical magical piece of
code hidden somewhere to automate the process, he certainly didn't tell anyone
about it, and is, well, ill-disposed to answer those questions now, may he
rest in peace. Since these yearly events are apparently "fun" for some of you,
I decided to keep alive this Valentine's day Valentina special.

For a few days after slaying sister Valentina on Valentine's day, there will
be the option to convert eligible Valentina run loot to their love/hate
versions. The process is simple: have the items on your person, not in rigs or
anything, and pray at Valentina's rather unremarkable grave marker at Arelium
graveyard. You'll have to do all the decisions about which items you get
before doing this.

Maybe someday someone else will fix the item spawns to be more organic, so to
say, but this should suffice for now. I've wasted enough time on this already.


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