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BatMUD Forums > Guilds.archers > A couple of annyoing things...

18 Mar 2024 12:14
After all these years, there are still a couple of annoying things about the
archer guild, which would probably be quite easy to solve...

1. Hop back fail message is truly annoying. When I have enabled hop back and
the hop back actually fails in combat I get the following:
You are prepared to do the skill.
You cannot use this skill from that party row!

To me that sounds like that I don't have the hop back enabled at all, which
then causes me to then try to turn it on, just to notice that I had it on all
along. Could we just have some more informative message there that would not
cause confusion?

Also in general it feels really weird that with 350 dexterity and maxed hop
I still get so many fails. When taken into account that archers
really do not compete in damage that well (compared to most of the hybrid
I would really hope that hop back could be made a skill that is not dependent
on any stat
and would practically work based on the skill percentage. I.e. 99% skill would
work 99% of
the time or something similar.

2. The other annoying thing is targeting. If I happen to target a monster and
move away from the room and then start shooting at another monster, I will get
the following:
You are prepared to do the skill.
You cannot make that shot, your target isn't in the same room.

Would it be possible to have the targeting not "active" if I am not in the
same room. As far as I know, we are not able to fire to another room (I might
be wrong), but at least with the short and longbow shots that is not possible.
And of course I can clear the targeting, but it would be nice to have that not
happening by default.

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