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28 Mar 2024 20:10
Thanks for clarifying that depth doesn't matter for abandoned mines!
Related to that topic, the other day the guild was discussing about
how the 20-room notification to having an archway or haunted mine
at the end is not based on depth, while actually finding an archway
or haunted mine is. That is, you will never find one if you dig
laterally at depth one. We thought it was a little odd that you
would therefore get notified about something you could not find.

Now I see that you're encouraging shallower mines, which is cool.
Would it be possible to make it so that you could find an archway
or haunted mine that you are notified about any depth? Not only
would it make more sense re: the notification, but it means if
we dig a mine for an abandoned mine, and get notified about an
archway/haunted mine, we will be able to get to it no matter
how I design it. I always want to do those if I find them! :D


p.s. To be clear, to access a haunted mine or archway, you seem
to need to dig straight down right now.

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