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05 Apr 2024 21:52
Noble mount (and how to get it these days):
During the past 30 days, I think I have seen an unidle Knight guild member
once. I would love to be able to name my tamed mounts, but at the moment it is
impossible. Would it be possible to get the noble mount spell for some other
guild (Folklorists, Templars, Animists)? Or make it a special skill for
Beastmasters or Rangers. Maybe a Beastmaster quest award?

Rebuke skill:
This skill is next to useless. It is like a weaker version of bash. I wouldn't
really mind, but there are a lot of beastmaster quests where you need to do
stuff with the skill. It kind of feels like a skill that you need to train
just for the quests.

It is weird that not all the different types of whips can be used for the
beastmaster skills. Bug maybe? "Help weapon chain whip" and "help weapon
scourge" seem to list "Whips, guided strike, rebuke, feral attack" as the
usable whip skills, but I think that I have encountered different whips that
do not work for this purpose (Lightning whip for being one them).

Overland flight:
Really nice skill, but would it be possible that Beasmasters could actually
get some amount of the skill? It would be a really great reward for the
Beasmaster quests. For example 5% for every 15 completed quests?

Are the Beastmaster quests saving or not?
A lot of people are not sure if their Beastmasters quests save or not. There
is a rumour of "a secret quest" that might make your quests save, but as far
as I know it is just a rumour. Could there be some more public information
available for this? Completing the quests is a HARD task and I would be pissed
off if I had to do them again. I think I already redid a bunch of them back in
the day.

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