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BatMUD Forums > Updates > Of Cake and Reincarnation

12 Apr 2024 05:57
So, this year there may or may not be Batto cakes, but if there are, they are
going to be changed a bit. Since there are some issues with throwing people
directly to reincarnation process (lingering soul companions, no saved reinc
history, etc.) some changes to the free reincarnation process were due. Batto
cakes being the most common way of free reincarnation, they are the first ones
to be changed. Guild reincarnations may or may not follow suit. So here's
how Batto cakes are going to work next time (if there actually is a next

1) Eat, lick, whatever the cake as usual.
2) Die, from eating the cake or some other way.
3) Accept reinc from Ahm. This is the new part.
4) Finish up your reinc choices before reboot happens.

I know most of you won't bother reading news, so there will be some
informative piece of text for the clueless in hell (or heaven) as well.

Also worth noting:
-These Batto free reincs are timed. After enjoying your cake, you have 24
hours to die and accept the reinc. Failing this, the opportunity is over for
-You can see how long you have until the free reinc offer ends with 'look'
when dead. If you see no messages, the offer has expired. Tough luck.
-Lingering in the reinc room over reboot is bad for you. No easy fix for now,
you should just avoid it, if you like your equipment etc.
-You don't have to accept from Ahm, but accepting from people while having a
free reinc may just limit your choice of races. Ahm offers both living and
undead races, and less of a fumble chance. The reinc will be free either way,
-The reincarnation is instant after accepting from Ahm. That is the point of
no return for reinc flasks and stuff like that.


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