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20 May 2024 01:12
I was trying to come up with a decent idea for Ggrs fancy new chests and got
distracted by another strange idea about Minecrafting. Considering the
current state of minecrafting is relatively elaborate, i doubt that it needs
anything else to make it more special... but..

I thought about having an option to either accept the experience gained by
the abandoned mineshafts as it works currently,or choose to allow the mines
to gain experience themselves. That is, youre able to take the experience
you would normally gain and effectively level up your minecrafting itself.

In standard RPG format, you could potentially train it up along different
paths to make it more effective in different facets. I leave it up to your
imagination as to what bonues you could add to abandoned mines or standard
minecrafting. Off the top of my head: can dig further, can dig multiple mines,
Can choose which type of abandoned mine etc...

If you wanted to make things more interesting, you could also add certain
requirements for certain upgrades. Have XXX amount of blood shed in your
abandoned mine, have XXX mana cast, XXX players died. This would be
harder to implement in that itd be easy to abuse..

Finally, This is just an idea that crossed my mind and i think Minecrafting
and by extension, Abandoned mines are fine as they are. If somehow this
idea sparks something... then great.

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