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22 May 2024 22:25
Tis whale milking season once again..

Far be it for me to criticize the ritual raising of funds to celebrate the
MUD as a whole.. Obviously the machine doesnt run on good thoughts alone.
The task point system seemed to raise enough capital to keep things running
in the previous years.. But in the more recent years with the nominal
reason of raising funds to throw a big shindig.. (no offense Shinarae)
Weve seen more and more carrots dangled for the benefit of the highest

Options to garner these gains vary from XP, TP or Gold which benefit the
older player base solely. Anyone who cant compete with players whove been
playing upwards of 30 years are .. to be frank.. SOL.

Again, these events arent new and most people who find the practice wholly
offensive and not in keeping with the spirit of the game have already moved
on to other things. So..whats my point..

SO my point... (keep in mind this is BS)

WHy not offer up a list of 4 options that would benefit the MUD as a whole.
A category where players can pick one of a list of benefits, much like the
reinc categories currently on offer. Any of the suggestions that manage to
raise the bidding past a certain mark would be put into place. Off the top
of my head, id say adjust the tuning system should be one of them... Id
defer to Broetchens recommendations on that matter as he has given it more
thought.. Gamers with more experience than me could probably come up with
other game improving ideas.

But this is all just BS.. and im bored..

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