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05 Jul 2007 13:54
Before I forget:

Wolfmen wimpy from fire damage. This can be overcome with at least:
Full resist all boon + tiny fire res boon.

Other methods might be:
- larger fire res boon
- fire res eq: Tyra shield, Shield of Ages, Spark, Rakirsai, Short dull cloak, Hannes cloak, etc

A rocking race once you overcome this small problem :)
6y, 209d, 21h, 57m, 27s old
07 Jul 2007 06:27
a named rakirsai (not impossible to get even for newbs like me) seemed to be enough to cover wimpy. however in noeq situations (lazy/portalling around) wimpy can come back to haunt you.
204d, 12h, 51m, 50s old