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26 Apr 2015 03:47
Journey to the Gala:
It was in middle of the fall 2014, when Capula told me he had an idea
concerning a B.A.T. mud card game. It was a good idea and we worked to get
card listings and game mechanics together during few brainstorm sort of
meetings with Capula. We also had tons of conversations over skype and steam
about the game. One of the funniest things in this planning, was when we were
writing down card specials and rules simultaneously to google drive as you
could see an another cursor creating text along your own.

At first we did not have that tight schedule about the release, but then we
came up with the idea of releasing it as special surprise for the 25th
anniversary gala. We both worked towards finding artists for the images on the
cards, but in the end, due tight schedule I had to take some creative commons
and public domain materials to get the decks together in time.

Capula was the one doing work in game testing and planning mostly. My job
consisted toying around with Gimp to get layout done. The bad English and
grammar issues, well we worked together on that. *smirk* Tho, we did get some
wizards read the materials through and we got some feedback. Especially on the
matter of making it more understandable and easier to start playing without
earlier experience in such game. I also got a ton of help in image processing
stuffs from my fiancee, Mira, lucky me.

Huge thanks to all of those peers for support and feedback and few lucky
batmudders who were involved in some testing.

The future:

1. There are some bugs and typos (both grammar and vocabulary) to fix.
2. Plans about getting the game accessible to all B.A.T. community, wider
range of releasing have to be taken into consideration aswel.
3. There are some plans to keep on working on the game and develop it further.

As we published Bats & Slovenian War Heroes to our community, you have a
chance to help us get it better. We are open to constructive feedback and
willing to put effort into making the card game a small portable part of our
community for years to come.

-Amd, Mad-scientist.

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