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24 Jul 2018 05:09
Stalwart stance is one of the defining skills for the crimson guild much like
ghost slash would be to liberators and cry/lure are for barbarians. The skill
is awesome and how it incorporates other skills is great.
my only issue is with spell blocking. Crimsons have very little to offer in eq
besides staying alive which can be matched by hybrids. Having an increased
chance to block bigger spells
, areas and from eq mobs would be a nice feature that would give a reason to
take a crimson over a hybrid tank in an eq party.

The chance to block an eq mob spell does not have to be a huge percentage but I
dont think i have ever seen myself block a high end area spell even in exp
If the chance to block spell could incorporate crimson rep ( if it doesnt
already) I think that would not be a huge tune but something that is
unique to crimsons ( besides knights spell blade, who plays that guild

Would much appreciate feedback from a wiz who oversees the guild to hear what
their thoughts on are on this, as
I do not think it will cause a flood of people reincing into crimsons.

Lastly, any chance the exp bonus from crimson points/leading could be slightly
lead a long exp party recently and i think i am seeing 1% exp bonus of mobs
Have 30k crimson points so maybe it will increase if i ever make it to Lammas
level of rep...


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