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12 May 2019 21:13
Greetings mortals,

Today we have implemented a subtle, generic tune to the monsters of the game.

A certain subset of monsters have distinct attributes that pertain to whatever
features, abitilites and tactics the race of the monster might represent.
These attributes vary in nature, but should mainly be themed to match the Idea
behind the race in question.

The catalogue for these 'monster templates' is still very limited, and might
stay so for indefinite time, however the framework now in place makes it
possible to design the realm (even backwards so, to a limit) so that when you
encounter certain races of monsters, you might, in general, expect certain
features to be present in them.

Even if there is a proper template for a race, Wizards who create an area can
choose to ignore them at whim, so one should not count on them. Vast majority
of the monsters in game continue to be the same today as they were yesterday.

All in all, while this change is indeed subtle, there is a chance that it
might in time allow for just a drop of coherence in our otherwise chaotic
realm. Or not. It remains to be seen.

The framework for this system was mainly implemented by the Magus known as
Merc, so if you run into some anomalities that are bound to be due to this new
feature, do send him a report.

Have a nice day,

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