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27 Jul 2019 01:55
Not too many know the story of Lord Eldenheim. He was a man who lived
roughly over 400 years ago and his story has been long forgotten by
the most. He was a religious man, but an evil man. Often he would wait
for his wife to fall asleep before he would sneak out in the cover
of the night and wander through the deep forest to go meet his mistress.
It was a night like any other, and once again Lord Eldenheim was on his
way to meet his mistress when this time luck was not on his side. Had
he been able to see the enemy lurking in the dark, perhaps he would
have been able to protect himself against the grizzly creature that
attacked him. There he was, struggling under the bear, fighting for
his life, but it was all futile. His remains were later found by
another bear, who was visibly annoyed that Lord Eldenheim's rotting
carcass was just left there unburied, attracting necromancers,
carrion crawlers or supernatural effects that would raise him from
the dead to haunt the living.

While I wrote that the story had been forgotten by many, there are
still some evil, religious men out there in the forests who are
now much more prepared than Lord Eldenheim. They see the enemy,
as from now on they've gained some basic knowledge of the spell
infravision and you're unlikely to find them struggling under a
bear, as they now also have some basic information about a skill
called overbear, which in fact has also now received a slight

Evil religious background has both hybrid tank guilds and some
caster guilds. While evil religious casters have reasonable
choices in harm spells, this change is aimed to give some variety for
those newbies who may choose a more muscular and stupider race.

Now you're probably asking yourself doesn't this uptune to overbear
make civfighters ridiculously overpowered, but sometimes balancing the
game is tricky and I simply couldn't find another way.

And to answer the other questions you may have been wondering about,
yes, this post by far has the most inventive segues ever written
in a newspost during the year 2019.

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