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07 Aug 2019 20:30
Due popular demand it is now time to adjust certain values of nergal guild.
- Damage minions can achieve with spells has been adjusted for higher level
Maximum level minion received approximately 20% percent reduction in base
Penalty is has less effect on smaller minions
- Martial arts damage has been adjusted for higher level minions.
This also has higher impact of maximum level minions and lessens based on
missing levels.
For maximum level reaper minion this means about 25% reduction in base
damage bonus for MA
- Base resistance value for minions has been adjusted across the board
Reapers base resistance has been lowered by 20%
Weavers base resistance has been lowered by 30%

Please take into account while reading the tunes that all of the numbers base
values and further
calculations are made. 20% reduction in minion spell damage does not mean 20%
reduction in calculated
and "true" damage.

Any bugs or feedback can be sent to me.

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