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09 Oct 2019 07:03
I realized I am about ~10M xp away from being able to do a 3x rebirth. I have
no secondary. Almost entirely done solo. So here's my question...if I
continue with the current character, and exceed that xp requirement for the
triple rebirth, is that xp forever gone if I do rebirth, even if it's another
500M xp from now?

So if I hit this milestone, would it just be beneficial to just do it and deal
with the pain? The other option would be to create a secondary and build that
one up to be usable prior to rebirthing, or use the primary the supplement the
secondary with the eq I could afford, or by use of my ship, etc. (At least I
imagine the secondary can use the ship)

I've had a lot going on IRL so my play has been sparse lately. Before I got
too busy, I was all about the awesomeness of blowing the whole character on
rebirthing, but now I'm thinking the inconvenience of starting over might be a
real drag with no supplemental backup.

I know there's a lot of people on here who have secondaries and all characters
have rebirthed or one has, but I also have a feeling most of them are partying
a lot more than I am. What tactics have a lot of you used to manage rebirth
and still having playable characters (at least compared to what you're used
to) and does anyone have any expreiences to share? Like tips as to what to
do, what NOT to do, what you did, what you wish you did, all that good stuff.

This is my first news post I think! Appreciate any feedback!

1y, 245d, 19h, 25m, 20s old
09 Oct 2019 23:19
Excess XP is lost forever, as things currently stand. So if you want to
rebirth, it's best to do it as soon as you hit 675M, or not at all.

To do it or not to do it? That is ultimately up to you - a triple rebirth
gives you 3 extra levels to play with (thus opening some more builds), some
fairly powerful races, rebirth heal, and an option to join a different house -
these are decent bonuses, but none of them is really game-changing, especially
if you mainly play solo. Is this interesting enough to you to warrant losing
675M exp and whatever guild reputations you had? Only you can answer that.

As for a "playable" character, it really depends on what you consider playable
:) Obviously you're not going to hit level 100 anytime soon, but there are
viable solo builds under 50M (the tzarakk/riftwalker/ranger "holy trinity",
possibly more depending on what gear/etc you have).

Your secondary can use your ship if you give them the priv, same for gear (but
you will get unrepairable damage on the gear if it has weartime from both

What I did was start as a riftwalker, got all that sweet explore XP and level
quests, then made a merchant and did a lot of MIPs (burned about 45M cash on
that), ending up with about 100M totals to play with, which offers some decent
options already. Continued as tdruid after that. Obviously your options will
vary depending on resources available to you, but if you know the game and
have some gear, you can build up a character fairly fast.

If you are "on the fence" and can't decide - my recommendation would be to go
ahead and do it. Otherwise that "what if" thought is going to gnaw forever,
and you stand to lose more later on :)

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09 Oct 2019 23:20
To add to what Nepos said, another advantage of rebirthing is that you do
still have all of your equipment and game knowledge, and this makes earning
experience much easier the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) time around. As for any
'extra' exp you have over the 675M mark, it is stored in your character
and is available should R4 ever show up.

One thing you can do to help keep your interest in playing after birthing
is to set some sort of goal. The goal I set for myself was to get the
'no reincarnation' award, so I picked a guild combo I felt that I could
stick with for the duration. This approach worked for me, and by the time
I hit that level 99 mark and got the award, I had some 435M exp to play

Its a neat experience and the ability to choose from those extra races
and have those few extra levels for guilds many not seem like alot, but
it does expand the gameplay. You could also take this opportunity to
perhaps party more often as well. If you learn how to lead expruns you
can generally get a ragtag bunch of heroes together to save the universe,
I mean kill monsters and bullshit with on party channel :)


N e w b i e  H e l p e r
7y, 65d, 6h, 10m, 25s old
09 Oct 2019 19:50
Guys, I really appreciate the responses. Gives me quite a bit to think about
over the next 10M xp. You're both right, game knowledge, gear, ship, etc are
all definite pluses to rebirthing. I won't have to run around like a crazy
man as much so gaining that xp won't take quite as long.

I never made a secondary to begin with because I just figured I'd concentrate
on building up the one I already have.

Nothing has really been a rush, and I've had fun so I'm sure I'll continue to
have fun once I rebirth, so I'm leaning that way. Thanks again for the
support and the ideas!

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