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11 Nov 2019 07:37
So I think given the previous article, even though it's been a couple years,
we should revisit animists with either solely monk or solely templar build
with it.
Obviously neither of those will compare whatsoever to the versatility, power
output of a LiberatorAnimist, but perhaps either or could have some extra
that Liberator doesn't have access to.

Templar and spirit mounts possible additions:
-Adding mount bonus to skills such as: find weakness, enhance criticals,
combat sense, stun,
shield bash, riposte, discipline, stunned maneuvers
-Mount does passive damage (according to mount summoned) if blessing of
faerwon is casted upon it
-Animal soul link (drain) could replenish hps/eps in addition to sps.
-Longer duration / added effects for animal aspects

Monk and soul companion possible additions:
-Increase in martial arts damage when fighting with a soul companion
-Soul companion "Ki attack" could have an added chance to stun monsters
-Longer soul chorus duration
-Add mana damage to host monks melee attacks?
-Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

I don't think any (all!?) of these additions/changes would put anything out of
but what the fuck do I know.

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