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27 Nov 2019 09:37
I would like to put up the following item up for auction.

an empty phylactery.

It takes amulet slot and has +10% harm body. The special is that it can be
used to save the souls a lich has accumulated over the years, these can then
be drained out again at a later period in time. This allows you to reinc out
of liches and continue with your soul gathering in a later reinc. The storing
of souls will require a tears of oxtoth relic ( from savage coast endboss) to
function and the relic is used up in the process of storing souls. Once the
phylactery has been used, it will be then bound to that person and cannot be
used by others. Since this one has not been taken into use, I believe that it
will function for anyone, regardless if their name is in the list of creators
or not.

I will sell this with a ~1 week moneyback guarantee, meaning that if it does
not work for you without a name, then you will be refunded on return of the
item. We can negotiate about the trial period, I understand this tryout might
require a reanimation into lich and obtaining a relic.

I would like to set the starting price to 60m. For currency I will accept the
- highcoins
- beads, to the price of 150k per bead/transfer bead ( ie 100 beads for 15m
worth cash)
- nightlife+ points, to the price of 2.5 gold per point ( ie 10m points for
25m worth cash)

If you wish to offer up eq for trades, those will have to be negotiated case
by case basis. We can agree upon some price per item to make it possible to
calculate the winning bid, but mind you, your value and my value of an item
might differ, so in the end, it will be my call on the worth. I will keep the
current highest bid, if any bids are to come forward, in my plan so you can
check to compare. I will keep this auction running until all interested
parties have had their chance to bid each "round".


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