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16 Dec 2019 10:02
Hail fellow masters of destruction! Hail Shinarae, the teacher of

I would propose that a new quest/tour be added to the guild:
The quest could be related to destroying monsters of sufficient size using
differing damage types, for example: 100k mob with most of the damage to be
done by a certain damagetype or somesuch, this would give us 7 targets to go
for ( i wouldn't count harm as one since we cannot produce it by any means as

The prize for such a feat of displaying expertise to kill by any means
available would be the following:
When using reaver skills/spells, there would be some analysis, based on
combat damage analysis percentage, to get information on how much the target
resists our damage.

TL;DR: please give us a chance to get cda readings automatically with skills
or spells.


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