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BatMUD Forums > General > : Asmodeus must die! Sunday 16. Of February

31 Jan 2020 07:58
Planning to slay Asmodeus on Sunday 16. Of February. around 21:30 EET and we
need your help! To slay Asmodeus we'll need brave warriors to sacrifice
themselves for the greater good. Of course we don't expect you to do this
selfsacrifice without any benefits. Everyone who sacrifices him-/herself for
the kill gets a lottery ticket and also gets compensation for the effort. The
compensation will be 1k/lvl of the character.

the Axe named 'Bane',a pair of leggings, made of human flesh,a mithril ring,
called 'eckma',a long cloak, made of the blackest silk, an amulet, resembling
a pentagram <vibrating>,a pair of boots, made from bone,the dark bracelets of
azakh-khanan,a collar made of black silk,a mithril bracelet,sword of
wondexrs,Black Reaver's Axe,Lucky rabbit's foot,a steel ring,crystallic amazon
battlesuit,Black Reaver's gauntlets,black shadowy cape,black horned helm,Black
Reaver's armour,Mace of the Manta Ray,a pair of gauntlets of dexterity, a pair
of short green boots, red crystal wand,2x a ghoul skin boot,a water lily
garland,2x a satyr tail bracelet,a silk belt with glowing buckle,a short cloak
of feathers,a plain gold and crystal ring,a red silk cloak embroidered with
flame symbols,a pair of silvery dragonscale boots,a long mallorn staff with
gem embedding,a well-crafted pair of stud-covered leather leggings,a
glimmering leather belt with gem decoration,a shimmering multicoloured crystal
gem,a feather pen knife,a set of vampire teeth,a sharp lizard tooth,a lizard
skin cloak,a golden ring with a single small ruby,a dwarven full shield
'Dragomir',a short cloak of feathers,a silk belt with glowing buckle,a water
lily garland

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