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15 May 2020 10:33
A further update about our anniversary events (inc. Vegascon 2020):

The spread of covid-19 in Finland has been quite limited and the government
has started rolling back restrictions and "normal" life is partially
resuming. Limitations on events and gatherings will increase from 10 to 50
people as of June 1st and will likely increase to 500 people in August.
However international travel still remains very limited and hence it is not
yet feasible to schedule the anniversary gala.

With regards to vegascon 2020: while many Las Vegas resorts have made plans
to reopen on limited basis in June, it is too early to tell what the impact
will be in July-August (second wave of covid-19?). Many of the restaurants,
bars etc will remain closed, so it certainly won't be the normal vegas vibe.
In addition, United States has severe restrictions on international travel
that prevent us from planning travel for Vegascon. Hence we will reschedule
the event to a later date.

In the absence of these two events, the B.A.T. ry board has discussed options
for supporting local events in locations where it is safe to do so (e.g. not
all countries/locations are equally affected by covid-19). Hence if you have
thoughts on organizing a local event during summer/fall 2020, please reach
out to us and we'll see how we can assist.

We'll be back with an update about the anniversary gala and vegascon in a few
months time.

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