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15 Aug 2020 15:19
KepuCon Scavenger Hunt 2020 compo for future reference and enjoyment
Creditz to Nina for putting this together.

- Form a party of 2 to 4 people, choose a name and sign up for the hunt
by contacting one of the judges; Gore, Darol or Nina.
- Complete as many tasks as possible between Fri 18:00 and Sat 18:00
o’clock. You have 24 hours to gain points. Be sure to present your
findings/creations to one of the judges in time. You don’t need to
complete all of them to participate.
- Some tasks can be completed by an individual party member
- The tasks are worth variable points
- The judges are always right. Bribing is allowed although the result
might not be what one would hope

1. Whole team in the sauna at the same time.
2. At least one team member participating in a game of Mölökky.
3. Place in the top three in the Poker tournament.
4. Cast create food. Serve.
5. At least one party members camps outdoors overnight.
6. Polliisi. +points for pic/video, +extra points for an inanimate
specimen excluding dead bodies. -1000 points and RM for a real live
one. That one time was enough…
7. Easter eggs! Go find some and bring them to Nina.
8. Video footage of the epic true steal
9. Air guitar.
10. Nina is getting Bring a cake with “Nina” written on it
18.. nay 24.. nay, a sh*tload of candles on it!
11. Someone ran clones!
12. Tower of Kepustan. Stack as many 0,33 drink cans as possible without
any support and/or adhesives. The tower needs to stay upright at
least 3 seconds.
13. Bardic play at the campfire (max ~1 minute)
14. A cup of berries which can also be created with create herb spell.
15. An aggrospoon.
16. The Fauna of BatMUD; Create an addition to the games already existing
outdoor animals using only tampons and paperclips. Prepare a good
argument why beastmasters should have it. Present your superb idea
to Gore (who can also point you to supplies).
17. A potnapekka
18. Equip one team member. Name each eq and the stats.
19. A secret exit
20. Recite “help mudding” to a judge without notes or outside help
21. Perform a gruesome ritual to appease Zonni
22. Construct a ranged weapon a'la BatMUD archers and manage to hit a
target by launching a projectile with it from 5 meters
23. BatMUD Haiku
24. Enemy in the west! Scale the Nallikari lighthouse and make sure that
no Corona Vikings are breaching our shores!
25. Create a BatMUD themed cocktail and serve it to one of the judges.
+points for a delicious example. Alternatively -points and a long ban
for undrinkable concoction
26. A crash helmet
27. Go to 65.0230, 25.4364 and solve the riddle. This must be done in
secret, meaning if an outsider notices, you lose. Levels. TPs. Or
something equally important.
28. Suffeli
29. A bat. As in the animal. We don’t want nor need baseball equipment
30. A human pyramid (The judges would prefer that this would not be
attempted in the sauna. But in case you decide to do so, do not hurt
yourself OR prepare to give the first aid to your party members

A r c h w i z a r d
20y, 65d, 18h, 39m, 32s old
600 [Wizard]