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10 Sep 2020 11:04
Rangers have their annoying birds, amazing campfire, enhanced peer and a
capability of extreme camping outdoors. (as I recall)

What's cool to be a Ranger?
-1000 torches created? -No
-1000 of campfires made? -No
-2000 bladed fury? -No

You're gonna be surprised what would be cool!
It's the Annoying bird!
The bird is a soul binding companion to the ranger.
The bird hatches with the ranger resulting as a long companionship to grow as
an adult hawk, or an eagle (or something bigger) which eventually will have
the ability to see farther than any ship, and spot even the smallest animals
around (in the air too). Training of this wild animal is not an easy task even
for a nomad that has lived the whole life in the wilderness, but it's

One thing where the rangers are at their best, is Hunting. Using their soaring
companion, nomads can see a big part of the realm and spot their prey. The
Ranger can command the bird to spot a glare of a gold or fighting challenge
for them. Wildernes beasts normally hide from the noise created by unnatural
invaders of the forrest, but these magnificent beings can spot adversaries
even for a group of people - They just have to be tracked down first by the
ranger with the help of the bird.
Some nomads can see through the eye of their companions, and wildest rumours
tell of a nomad that went so deep in the trance while connecting to he's
companion that he materialized 200ft above the ground at a thick spruce
forest. Scarred Nomad arrived at some Arelium bar and drank 10 straight shots
of vodka, and then told the story. Now he's working at the shipyard with with
dental plan, health insurance and he has never looked back. He does not need
to look back, the bird tells him whats adjacent now.

Rangers prefer their solitude. They enjoy their barbeque under the stars with
nourishment from a succesful hunting trip that will keep them exploring more,
and more of the realms but it doesn't mean they can't share the cookings.

Another cool thing:
There is no respectable ranger without a canine by their side. Normally Nomads
prefer wolves, but there are options because of breeding. Rangers have a skill
to farm animals and after a long process of farming wolves, they have a lot of
options to choose what kind of friends they have aside. There has been a story
of a wolf named 'Koira' dragging a mortally bleeding human from battle and
defended the adverasy off! such a beautiful feat! 'Koira' Passes away several
years ago, but there is still a statue for it (him) at the village where this
wealthy ranger resides.

Been away long, now here.

-=Elwyk El'Kywle=-


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