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14 Oct 2020 21:11
So...yeah. It's been a tough time recently.

Normally, I have time between classes or in the evenings where I can get my
BatMUD on. With the multiple major changes happening at work, a class that
used to take me 5 minutes prep time because I've done it dozens of times,
became far longer. It's happening everywhere, I know, but it was definitely
happening here.

And I just haven't had the time to be here. And I'm sorry about that. I missed
you guys.

BUT. Halloween is approaching, and I feel like I owe you. I've finally gotten
on level footing, enough for me to try to at least come up with something. It
won't be worthy of our Anniversary year, and that sucks, but I'll do what I
can so there's at least something going on.

I'll see you guys around. A lot more than I have.

Shinarae "self-quarantined for life" Lluminus

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