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07 Nov 2020 18:21
It's kinda hard to propose alterations for this guild, as there are several
very distinct builds, but I'm going to try anyway ...

1) Minions need to stop being autonomous. Minions casting on their own is
*the* reason why nergal used to be so crazy powerful, and if it still is too
powerful at the top-end, it is again because of this factor. So, instead of
using their spells and skills automatically, there would be some "minion use
X" / "minion cast X" syntax that would work identically to the existing
use/cast commands, but use the minion. This would count as an actual
skill/spell, meaning you wouldn't be able to use skills/spells while using the
minion. Functionally, the minions would become reskinned skills/spells.
- there already is Mind siphon for this, but that's not the same thing due
to its inherent delay. Mind siphon's functionality should then just be
removed, as it'd be redundant.
- this changes the guild rather substantially

1b) If minions stop being autonomous, the stat drain from minions can safely
be removed - it would no longer be necessary. Minion stats can once again be
higher, as minion blasts would no longer stack with skills/other minions.
Spmax drain from auras/etc should remain.

1c) An interesting option to consider would be to tie the minion stats to the
owner's stats, with per-race modifiers and caps - e.g. a thrikhren would get
con = owner's con * 0.3 capped at 80, int = owner's int * 1.2 capped at 300,
and so on, with some minion level based multiplier. This would require some
playtesting for sure.

1d) Melee minions will remain an issue in this setup, the easy-and-boring
option is to only allow one minion OR the player in melee.

2) Teaching skills to minions is an awesome concept in theory, but a massive
pain in practice. You want the skills at 'pristine', which is rather annoying
to get if the RNG does not choose to favour you. At the very least, it should
be possible to overshoot the knowledge level - more than once, I had a skill
drop a rank from 'prinstine' while sailing to guild to teach it ...

3) I also see no reason for the taught skills to fade from minions with use,
there's enough micromanagement as-is. I'd propose simply removing it.

4) Having minion targetting on a 3-round skill is just silly, this should be
built-in or at least sped up. Less relevant if #1 happens.

I'd write some conclusion, but this is long enough as it is, so, there you
have it.

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