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22 Nov 2020 00:09
IMO tunes in recent years have improved the guild but it still needs some work.
Particularly, it's not very level-competive compared to mages (much less
runemages) also it is very newbie-unfriendly with limited functionality even
when compared to other magical background guilds. Also the obvious handicap of
having 1 damagetype which is really expensive to improve - you need to take 20
levels to fully learn just 1 more damagetype. That's 55 levels spent for 2
types and you still can't prot after all that investment. Spell empathy can
slightly mitigate it in large parties, but without masteries you're doing 50%
damage at best.
So few of my ideas...
-the guild needs 4th tier physical damage attack spell. Doesn't have to be as
good as PsyCrush, just something better than Kinematic Projection.
Alternatively, give "Mastery of Psychokinesis" skill which improves
physdamage spells. Like chance to shoot 2 arrows with KP for double damage.
-on the same subject, give the guild 1st or 2nd tier physical damage attack
spell for lower levels.
-or you could design some piece of equipment which helps to get around some
core weaknesses of the guild. Like that ring which gives Channellers cold
damage: make something similar - "Crown of Pyrokinesis" which makes
your psi spells do fire dmg.
-Psychic Purge. This spell is very weak. In my 18+ months as a Psi, I have
literally been in like 2 parties where it was somewhat useful. It takes long to
cast, it's effect is weak and it has very short duration.
-no Infravision or See invisible. Shouldn't this kind of thing be essential for
a guild of psionics? Maybe give a separate spell "Psychic sense"
which gives both. Throw Clairvoyance in for good measure.
-Levitation - this is another weak spell compared to more common Floating. It
is more expensive, has same casting time, can be only cast on self, seems to
have shorter duration and doesn't show in Party Prots.
-Spellteaching is a cool and unique functionality, but its casting time is so
long that it is usually just a neat toy rather than an actually useful spell. I
understand there's the fear of abuse, but seriously, 24 rounds is somewhat
excessive on top of already high casting cost. By the time you have the spell
cast, any need for it has probably gone...

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