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23 Dec 2020 16:51

Active starting now are the following changes:
(quit + re-enter to take effect)

== Aura Changes ==

It is now possible to have more than one aura active at once.
Currently this means up to three auras active at a time.
The amount of auras you can maintain depends on your righteousness.

== New Auras ==

Holy Hammer of Faerwon:
Increases spell damage against evil monsters.
Available with righteousness above 60%

Holy Amelioration:
Increases healing that comes from sources other than yourself.
Available with righteousness above 30%

Meditation of the Light:
Basically Vigor of the Tempest except it affects maximum spellpoints.
Available with righteousness above 50%

Hammer of Valor:
Increases your critical hit and stun chance against monsters.
Also gives you a small bonus to +hit.
Available with righteousness above 75%

Retribution of Faerwon:
Reflects a percentage incoming physical damage back as magical damage.
Available with righteousness above 85%

== Guild item ==

You have a new command "t_aura".
It will allow you to list your active auras and to dispel an aura.
Study your Templar amulet for more details.


Thanks to Darol and Juggelo for good advice.
(report bugs to me!)

Merry Christmas!

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