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BatMUD Forums > Inform > BatMUD's 31y extra-virtual-vaganza on April 17th

13 Feb 2021 13:30
Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

Ladies and Genitals,

BatMUD's 31st anniversary is soon upon us. We know we kind of owe you guys a
birthday celebration from last year, but unfortunately life in the time of
plague doesn't quite allow us to stage large international soirees.

But we understand you miss us terribly, so we will do the next best thing
and beam our magnificent presence into the safety of your covid-19 bubble!
So please block your calendars for ** April 17th **, grab a beverage or two
and join us for an evening/night/something of virtual awesomeness! There will
be competitions, there will be epic stories, there will be all kinds of
rowdiness. And there will be Darol. So this is one event you do not want to

We'll post more details in the weeks to come - including the detailed
schedule and some opportunities for how to become part of this unique event.

On behalf of the administration,

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