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03 Mar 2021 02:59
Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I don't think it would be terribly
overpowered to have the actual syntaxes on how to use the skills in the
"help skill xxx" screen. For example, for "help skill craft runestone"
it would be nice to mention that the material needs to be on the ground,
and also have the following text...
Syntax for this skill is as follows:
-- to create a new stone --
use craft runestone at material <material>
-- to resume work on unfinished stone --
use craft runestone at runestone
-- to check how much material you need
use craft runestone at amount

Likewise, for "help skill runescribing" having the following information
in the help screen would be useful...

Find a blank runestone to use this skill on, and
'use runescribing at rune <rune> on <runestone>'.


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