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03 Apr 2021 16:45
Greetings dear fellow BATMudders!

So, the dust has settled from my birthday celebrations and hangovers have been

So I am happy to bring forth a Covid-19 lockdown BATMud birthday party at my
place. Naturally if you even have a slightest chance of having Covid-19, you
are not welcome to attend. I do have some 200 square meters of space with sauna
department and several rooms for festivities and other activities. If you plan
on attending the event at my place in Ilomantsi I wish you bring a good
attitude, a towel for sauna business, own drinks and prepare with some sleeping
bag or such items to make sure you are able to get some sleep during the

The jubilee event will be held between 12:00 16.4.2021 and 06:00 19.4.2021.
Further details will be given if required.

Lets have another 31years of nice conversations, intresting encounters and make
the world better place together!

-Amd Scinetist the Mad Scientist

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